A perfect pairing here with Clay and Rawls, rootsy, blues-at-heart and super soul. If you like soul music, this is one for you. For me, this is an absolute triumph; a ten-track release of immense quality with great songs, arrangements and vocals. Hard though it is to select a single track, ‚Voodoo Queen‘ (co-written by Rawls and co-producer, Bob Trenchard) and the classic standard ‚What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted‘ together with ‚Living On Borrowed Time‘ (again from Trenchard and Rawls) are simply outstanding numbers.

This is one of those near-classic soul albums with shades of 1960s and 70s Motown and Stax central to its sound and themes. A full horn section smacks of Stax while the songs and music hold more than a hint of Motown‘s renowned lyric-factory genius.

Clay is one of those guys who has been around a long time, (forty years or more) learning his craft with solid, superb skill and deep soul. Rawls, a bit younger, is no less talented and experienced. This is a great album and hopefully marks the creation of a new major duo with loads more to come in future years. In reality, this is as good as it gets. (Catfood Records)