A new beginning is doing singer/songwriter Janiva Magness with her new album. „Original“ is not published by Alligator anymore. Most of the songs between Blues, Rock were (co-)written by herself.  

First you may think of any contemporary R‘nB-song. There is this voice in a room full of reverb, a little rhythm is tickin. But when the guitar starts to sing, all is good for the soul of the blues-lover: Janiva Magness won‘t be the next Pop-Diva. Quite the opposite: The ballad „When You Were My King“ about a broken relationship shows us almost painful a vulnerable singer. The voices in the background do little to ease it. Here is a woman singing about her pain, about starting all over again – and from the emptiness in life after the breakup.

At least with „Stronger for it“ the songs of Janiva Magness became more and more personal. And she began to show her vulnerabilty in her singing more and more. It seems like a logical move for her, to sing her own songs now. This ballad is a good example for it, how far Magness was willing to go on „Original“. „Mountain“ ist another of theses songs, where you can feel the pain almost physical. It‘s quite impossible to get a song more intense!

Other songs are not as painfully beautiful, they are more catchy but even accurate in their stories. Take for example „I Need A Man“ with its rhythm directly imported from some great juke joint: There is no reason for sitting alone in the corner having the blues or for staying alone forever. Or „Twice As Strong“, a soul-hymn for women who will help each other.

As a singer with an incredible voice, Janiva Magness became more and more popular in the years gone by. Now you have the opportunity to learn about a really good songwriter as well, a woman who doesn‘t care about the borders between the genres.
I truly recommmend to buy „Original“. This album is simply terrific!