I do not really care whether Muddy Waters was born in 1914 or in 1915. It is important that, in addition to his career as one of the greatest blues musicians of all time, he found enough space to conceive his eldest son Larry Mud Morganfield.&nbsp;Mud started several years ago as a blues singer and places a stunning career. It is known that he sees his father as his role model. In addition to the external resemblance of both, their voices are very similar.<br />  &nbsp;

 To Muddy&lsquo;s hundredth birthday Mud submitted on August 19, the album &bdquo;For Pops (A Tribute to Muddy Waters)&ldquo;. The title says what it is about for him. The son raises his father a monument.

He got some good help for this. David Earl, head of Severn Records, supported him with Kim Wilson (harmonica), Billy Flynn (guit.), Rusty Zinn (guit.), Barrelhouse Chuck (piano), Steve Gomes (bass) and Robb Stupka (drums). These musicians reach on a scale of one to ten the top.

Kim Wilson has special share in the creation of the unique mood of the album – his sensitive, supportive and driving Harmonica play could not be better. Rightly Mud Morganfield and Kim Wilson are named as headliners of the album.

The album was recorded in four days. They refused to produce a „Best of Muddy Waters“ album. Mud and Kim have picked their personal favorites from Muddy‘s work. In addition to seven Muddy Waters compositions we find Willie Dixon compositions.

It&lsquo;s good that both &bdquo;Mannish Boys&ldquo; and &bdquo;Hoochie Coochie Man&ldquo; are not represented. Besides &bdquo;I just want to make love to you&ldquo;, &bdquo;I love the life I live&ldquo;, &bdquo;Trouble no more&ldquo;, &bdquo;19 years old&ldquo; we see as the opener &sbquo;Gone to main Street&ldquo;.

Mud Morganfield created a tribute album that does not inferior to Muddy‘s work. Despite all the similarities with the great Muddy Waters, Mud shows that he transferred Muddy‘s legacy to our time and that he, as an independent musician of his own, is not standing in the shadow of the Grand Master.

For lovers of best quality classic timeless blues, the album is an absolute must. For all the others it is the opportunity, to experience the heyday of Chicago blues alive. (Severn CD 0064)