say much. He plays his Blues and Roots Rock straight maybe rough. His virtuoso guitar playing is hard and dry, flourishes he does not like. Jimmy Thackery occurs on stage without exalted show behavior - his large worldwide fan base thanks him for that.<br />  &nbsp;

 Thackery is from Pittsburgh and had great success from the 70‘s to the late 80‘s as lead guitarist of the Nighthawks. After leaving the Nighthawks, he founded Jimmy Thackery &amp; The Drivers, a trio with which he tours until today.

In the early years Jimmy Thackery &amp; The Drivers recorded the Blind Pig albums „Empty Arms Motel (1992)“, „Wild Night Out from the early years! (1995 live)“ and „Switching Gears (1998)“. Since these great albums are out-of-print Blind Pig has reissued a selection of 13 pieces as a compilation under the title „Extra Jimmies“.

From „You Upset Me Baby“ on „Trouble Man“ to „Empty Arms Motel“ the well known pieces from Jimmie‘s perhaps most creative time are bundled on the CD. They were recorded together with Jimmy Thackeries longtime companions Mark Stutso (drums) and Wayne Burdette and Michael Patrick (bass).

 As an extra on top Blind Pig remasterd the songs. Paul Stubblebine has done an excellent piece of work. He has managed to remaster the tracks in a way that the sound quality was actually improved considerably. There is no clanging guitar sounds, no distorted bass, no trendy revision. The CD sounds as fresh and clear as if the songs were recorded today and not about 20 years ago now.

In this quality, I would like to hear my favorite pieces „Drive to Survive“ and „Cool Guitars“ too. Maybe Blind Pig will fulfil my wish one day. The CD is a wonderful Christmas gift for each Blues Lover! Blind Pig Records (BPCD 8014)

 <br />  &nbsp;