Alex RintuAlex Rintu ist ein indischer Singer/Songwriter. In seinem Beitrag Indian Indie Scene – Cribbing for no reason??? analysiert er die indische Independent-Szene äußerst kritisch. Und er fordert seine Musikerkollegen auf, endlich wirklich gute Musik zu machen.

Wir veröffentlichen Rintus Text hier im Original. Die amateurmäßige deutsche Übersetzung soll lediglich eine kleine Hilfe für das Verständnis sein.

Anytime someone talks about the Indie scene in India, they start off with the Bollywood bashing, and ends in saying that no one appreciates, or supports ‚original‘ music or there’s too much pseudo-rock people around. Then people complain about his lack of venue, and then the misinterpreted data analysis of online downloads and Reverb nation/MySpace/FB charts. I have read so many articles being posted around, and frankly I am tired of what’s going around.

I, being an Indie Musician am not trying to show how frail we’re, or us not having any hope. (I need them the most) The first thing that we need to do is strictly analyze what’s going on, and use what the Biggies/Baddies (Go with the B….) are doing.

As a matter of fact to comparison on marketing techniques, capital intensity and those things, your quintessential Rockers aren’t any different. Yes… Bollywood and Maiden maybe the same after all.

We’ve to ask if the fundamental of all the music that’s being churning out is fair in comparison to the International standards. Are we too classy or avant-garde‘ to ignore that something is wrong?

If you’re trying to compare with them hogging the industry space, then do what they’re doing and then compare. We’re like a child crying over the bully taking your lollipop… It’s unfair, but hell when it happens, all you can do it cry out your eyes, or call in 100 of your friends and get the bully. But we don’t have our pack of rugrats either, because we’re already segregated over nothing we have.

Is there an Indie Scene? (There goes the first backfire…)… Answer: – There is, simple as that!!!! Reason is, otherwise you won’t be reading this. This would be in the description of Utopia or Dystopia (respectively) in a book situated right next to Orwell’s 1984.

If you look into the statistics, we can happily say that Indie Industry penetrated into less than 3% of the Music Market. Wondering how??

I am not trying to point out the bands that make sucky or brilliant music. But collectively, ’not good‘ is what we’re churning out. Try this for a week, i.e.; to listen to only Indian Bands for a week, throughout, and try gauging your residual feelings. First of all, the task will be impossible, because someway or the other the others penetrate through, or you if you do succeed, you’ll know what I am talking about.

The fundamentals of most of the bands are plain wrong. You will definitely know of the ones that are doing it right which I will say is less than 5… (Yes less than 5.. The bands themselves don’t know this, wither because they are complacent, or their benchmark is low, or they’re too full of themselves).

The fundamentals being Good music, Ability to perform live (not great at antics…) Knowledge of the Biz, and of course Humility. Being the biggest band in Coimbatore is not going to make it. I don’t want to dwell on the details, maybe in the next article.

The answer is not in more and better Music to work with, or not with more and more people throwing money for Music which they subconsciously think is more for a charitable cause than liking them, but Musicians who are serious about their music. People who’re ready to bet completely on themselves, who can make simply good music.

Now go complain about the shitty music in the web. We’re in Denial. Get over it, and try to innovate, improvise after knowing what to do… For the artists, Please go do your research.

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