Steven Dolins with its fine, exclusive Sirens Records label always guarantees extremely exciting and thrilling album productions in the blues-, gospel- and jazz-area. At the beginning of the year he surprised with the first album that Chris Foreman has released under his own name. 

The Chicago bound, blind, 57 year-old B3 virtuoso belongs like Jimmy McGriff and Jimmy Smith to the greatest jazz and blues organists of our time. Chris Foreman became known worldwide through his recordings with the <Deep Blue Organ Trio> and the <Kimberly Gordon Trio>.

Foreman does not see himself as the avant-garde – he is a technically brilliant traditionalist. I am extremely impressed with the ease with which Foreman changes in some of his pieces between the organ and an acoustic piano. Although the organ is in the foreground, so it avoids the hint of boredom, I have felt at some other production.

Excellent musicians contribute to the album. Andy Brown on guitar and Diane, Lil Sax ‚Ellis on Alto Saxophone reinforced the message. When selecting the pieces Chris Foreman uses the traditional blues and gospel repertoire. Charlie Parker’s ,Cotton Boy Blues’, ‚Neil Hefti’s ballad ,Lil Darlin‘ (known by Count Basie), Foreman interpreted all the pieces in his very own special way.

,Now is the Time‘ is a timeless album for demanding, traditionally oriented blues- and jazz-lovers. It is an audiophile album – you should lean back and listen. For Chicago travelers: Chris Foreman performs each Friday at the Green Mill Jazz Club (5 pm to 8 pm). (The Sirens Records SR 5022)