Andy Fairweather Low is a Welsh superstar, without doubt. Think Wales and Tom Jones probably comes to mind. But think again: AFL is the guy who brought the 1960s hits ‚Paradise‘, Bend Me, Shape Me‘ etc to the musical table as frontman of Amen Corner.

In the 70s he again hit the UK charts with the wonderfully colourful and wittily emotional, ‚Wide Eyed And Legless‘, before going on to help Clapton put together the arrangements for the multi-million selling, ‚Clapton Unplugged‘ release. Indeed, for the past couple of decades, Low has been a permanent annual touring fixture, as guitarist, with Clapton‘s own band.

In addition, he tours regularly with ex-Pink Floyd Roger Waters, and former Rolling Stone bassman, Bill Wyman. He has also played with a veritable who‘s who of rock and modern music royalty: Bob Dylan, Elton John, Dave Crosby, BB King, Joe Cocker, Bonnie Raitt, The Who, Jimmy Page, Van Morrison, Phil Collins, The Bee Gees. The list is virtually endless, impressive and illustrates the importance and high esteem with which this guy is held among his critical contemporaries. A major figure who, despite the astonishing credentials and CV, somehow always seems to ride and roll just below the radar.

Now actively touring with his own excellent band, The Low Riders, ‚Zone-O-Tone‘ is a 13-track album featuring Fairweather Low‘s strong and subtle songwriting skills together with marvelous ensemble performances from a fabulous foursome. This must be one of the most enjoyable, polished albums of the year. An absolute winner! A sparkling gem from a true genius. (Proper Records PRPCD 110)