Arron Burton hails from Texas, a State with a long history of blues music mastery – Lightnin‘ Hopkins was certainly no slouch, after all.

This is Burton‘s fifth album to date, self-produced and promoted, it features fourteen self-penned tracks. Strong on southern drawl and laid-back acoustic guitar picking, this album is indeed so laid back that the guitar work at times comes close to being overlooked – a mistake, because the picking, though understated, is singularly soulful, sound and skillful, contributing effortlessly to a very finely honed sound that belies its own underlying complexity.

Burton is a guy who is self-taught, an autodidact with a background playing the bars and clubs of the Lone Star State and producing interesting material that touches all of the usual areas from love and heartache to death and misery. In other words a typical blues gamut of thought and emotion, underpinned by great guitar-work and a fine rambling, rumbling, drawling voice.

With fourteen tracks to choose from here, it‘s impossible not find something that should satisfy a blues lover‘s taste. This is a guy and a CD that is real surprise and a true discovery – an artist and material of genuine quality, well worth seeking out. Burton is due to record his next album over the next few months and I, for one, look forward to hearing his next offering.