Ursula Ricks sets with &lt;My Street&gt; a debut album that has grabbed me on first listen. Have had not heard from or about Ursula Ricks before and thought she were one out of the highly talented seemingly endless pot of good U.S. musicians.<br />    &nbsp;Meanwhile, I hear the CD regularly and am convinced that Ursula has the potential to become one of the recognized great blues singers - a shame that it took so long, until it is reported with an album.<br />   Ursula comes from Baltimore, is a happy grandmother and says that she had recorded the album in memory of her mother Malagash Yemariamfere that left us nine years ago - she was known as a great singer and songwriter, this had never worn outside.<br />     Malagash will be pleased that her daughter now used the opportunity to show her talents.<br />  On the album there are eight original songs and two covers. The opener &lt;Tobacco Road&gt; is difficult to surpass in intensity, the other songs deal decisively with the states in and on Ursula&rsquo;s street. The text of the title song describes an embossed by drug trafficking and gang violence road, patroled at the sky with the police helicopters. As she sees no alternatives for herselfe and her children, a mother feels compelled to make a painful decision and flee back to their ancestral homeland. She hopes to be able there to ensure the survival of their family.<br />     It pays to listen to what Ursula says.<br />    The album was created using the Severin house band (including Johnny Moeller - Fabulous Thunderbirds ). Ursula Ricks continues her expressive voice in the right light - sometimes hoarse, sometimes hard - a real diva! Stylistically it ranges from blues, soul, funk, perhaps a little reggae and rap. This is the mixture of her road - perfectly adapted by Ursula .<br />     I very much hope that Ursula will record more albums - especially I&#39;d appreciate a club live recording Maybe she once comes across the pond and we are lucky to see her live performing on our stages?&nbsp;