Before introducing Trudy Lynn&lsquo;s latest CD &bdquo;Royal Oaks Blues Cafe&ldquo;, here a few words about Trudy. For me it is incomprehensible that one of the most gifted singers of our days is virtually unknown in Germany at least. She was born about sixty years ago in Houston Tx. and started her career in the 60s as a singer with Albert Collins.<br />   &nbsp;

 Trudy Lynn moves in the broad spectrum of blues, R &amp; B, soul and jazz. Her breakthrough on record she had in the late 80s with the album &bdquo;Trudy sings the Blues&ldquo;. It was followed by many great albums.

 I have seen Trudy for the first (and so far, unfortunately, last) time on stage in the Lionel Hampton Jazz Club in Paris. I am one of those people that regularly attend live concerts since many years. I have experienced many great and impressive acts, but this evening is unforgettable for me.

Trudy is a natural phenomenon. A petite and vivacious woman, a lady singing the blues in its true sense. She screams, sobs and shouts. There are no smoothed emotions, it is pure passion – overwhelming.

About a year later, a recording of the concert was released as „Trudy‘s Blues“ (Album: Blues Power: Trudy‘s Blues Label: Isabel, Release Date: August 10, 2004).
An incredibly intensive CD, one of my most listened albums at all. Highly recommended is also the previously released CD „U Do not Know What Time It Is“ (Ruf, 1997, Order No.: 2177467, Publication date: 6.3.2000).

In December 2013 Trudy Lynn has presented her latest album with „Royal Oaks Blues Cafe“. It presents timeless songs some forgotten ones from the past.
About song material and musicians I do not talk. Both is consistently at its best. In Trudy‘s albums everyone can find his favorite songs. Even Trudy‘s version of „Hänschen klein“ would be a thrilling experience.

I hope that this great lady of the blues will give us many more albums in future and hopefully she will join us in our venues. Until then, we must be content with her CDs – I have collected all albums that I could get; I have never been disappointed.