With his electric guitar Svenson already joined some metal bands like Atrocity on tour. As globetrotting musician Svenson has collected ideas from Latin America to Europe and Asia in recent years. Only with his acoustic guitar, he invites us to take a small musical break in the summer heat.

The beginning of the journey is located in the Blues-Land – together with Dieter Kropp on the blues harp Svenson has recorded a beautiful duet. „T for Theia“ is also found on the album in a version for solo guitar. That Svenson loves to play the blues, you can notice by listening to „Continental Blues“ too. But Flamenco or Scandinavian folklore can be heard here, echoes of Egyptian sounds or rhythms from Latin America. Besides the opener, „Samba de Gaia“ is another fascinating duet. Svenson played it together with Lulo Reinhardt on second guitar. And both are supported by percussion, piano and backing vocals – a great tune between Latin Style and Gypsy.

Svenson, who formerly recorded with members of Sting’s band in studio, shows on this album the versatility of his playing – and his musical ideas. Even references to Karl May can be found, for example in his „Ballad of Sam Hawkins“. It is – as well as „In den Kordilleren“ – a part of his music for audio books of Karl May publishing house, which he had composed in recent years.

One must really be interested to see, what musical journeys Svenson will undertake in the coming months and years. For lovers of acoustic blues and folk music, „Acoustic Holiday“ is a real recommendation.