This surprised me after all: On his current album, „My American Heart“, songwriter Steve Grandinetti is political like never before. What has been remaining is his incredible musical diversity which ranges from reggae to furious rock songs. 

Society is about to break down, the state is inching closer to the abyss. For someone like this artist who in his songs always believed in the good and the power of love this is a reason that his heart is about to break, which one will notice not just in the title track. Also tunes like „State Of Affairs“ for instance are full of anger, which one didn’t expect from him.
But still: This musically versatile artist with the heart of a hippy this year too has to offer most charming songs about love and does not want to leave the listener feeling hopeless. So „My American Heart“ again has become a typical Grandinetti-album. One, you should listen to at quiet hours – or bring as a gift for good friends.