Another debut release here, from a new, young kid on the Scandinavian blues block. And it‘s a cracker. Eleven tracks, mostly self-penned (or in collaboration with buddies), this first album has a great groove going.

Rocky in parts, always rhythmic and clean and clear, the Harp and guitar work is poised and pure while Lystam‘s vocals are driving and powerfully delivered. Percussion by Patrik Thelin is perfectly pitched, propelling the whole stew deliciously forward throughout, with some rolling, ringing keyboard and piano included.

This is a fabulous album from a young lady we‘re bound to hear much more both from and of in future years. The writing is mature and wholesome, as you might expect from a Swede. ‚When The Money‘s Runnin‘ Out‘ is one of those offerings that creep up, grow on you, and grow and grow the more it‘s listened to. Anyone looking for melodic blues-rock with a fully rounded sound and a fresh feel should give Lisa Lystam a listen.