John Hiatt – Terms Of My Surrender
John Hiatt needs no introduction. One of the best singer-songwriters in the world of Americana music, he has been at the top of the country-music tree for many years, always a favourite in Nashville and a US festival evergreen guaranteed to attract hordes of fans and solid album sales.
Interestingly this release is reflective and intriguing in equal measure.  Over the years, Hiatt‘s material has been recorded by artists as diverse as Bob Dylan, Bonnie Raitt (Thing Called Love), Iggy Pop and the Jeff Healy Band, among many others. 
With Terms Of My Surrender, Hiatt returns to both his roots and basics with a stripped-bare mostly acoustic album locked in gravel-throated vocals and blues influenced material which mirrors his own genuine love for the blues as a musical form: this is the man who wrote ‚Riding With The King‘ , a track that spawned the Grammy award-winning album of the same name by BB King and Eric Clapton. 
The album is a triumph, with Hiatt‘s clever lyricism covering a host of old familiar subjects: redemption, ageing, relationships and heartache and pain.  Pretty standard blues fare really.  Eleven tracks make up the CD‘ every one is a little masterpiece in its own right. A consummate example of showmanship and elegance in form, and a bravura performance of blues-bending genius from a true American master storyteller and gorgeously groovy guitarist. (New West Records)
Iain Patience

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