Willkommen zum Brief aus dem Vereinigten Königreich.

As this Letter is written, I know that Nathan Norgel‘s newest show on Crossroad Cafe at radio98eins is a ‚Women In The Blues‘ special. In the UK, the DJ who most celebrates women in Blues music is Kevin Black with his Black on Blues podcast (http://blackonblues.com/) which frequently showcases the ladies of the Blues.

Those ladies have been important since the earliest days, with performers like Memphis Minnie and Bessie Smith, through to the latest crop, which include fierce guitar players like Joanne Shaw Taylor and Chantel McGregor. Nor are women confined to vocals and guitar. Victoria Smith is a well-known bassist; Katie Bradley both sings and blows the harmonica. In Detroit, Layla Hall of P-A-U-L and the Detroit Breakdown is an exciting drummer, as is Donna Peters of a (frequently) very loud and very good British act, Albany Down. Of contemporary British vocalists, Connie Lush has been much respected for many years, and younger ones are coming though, such as Laura Holland, Malaya Blue, and more. Behind the scenes, there are ladies who do a great job in other ways. Organise festivals – Colne. Do PR for and with acts – Half Deaf Clatch. More and more could be thought up who make costumes, or are the bookers at venues, and so on and on. So, the women in Blues don‘t just deserve a Special, they are Special. It is good news that there is a documentary on the subject coming – see https://www.facebook.com/pages/Women-in-Blues/1533486130241267?fref=nf.

So I was pleased to see that the Indie B movement which is aiming to provide a hot new identity for the Blues has a T-shirt for the ladies as well as for men. Way to go, Indie B. They have a competition ending on 1st May with Reverbnation that should be of interest to musicians as well.

Seid glücklich und erfreut Euch an Eurer Live-Musik und allem was Deutsch ist!