A 13-track album of impassioned acoustic Americana from a Texas-based East Coaster, this marks the third release from a guy with a clear empathy for the troubles and struggles of the working man.

The dedication in the cover with thanks to the late Pete Seeger gives more than a hint of this guys thinking in general. Backed by his big 12-string acoustic guitar picking, The Working Life is a driving, interesting bit of melodic music where every track holds a passionate, albeit often dark, message and yet remains firmly optimistic. This is music with genuine fire in its belly and a message of hope at its core.

‚Life comes apart at the seams, when you‘re living on the edge of the American dream,‘ Woji says and sings on one self-written track, a demanding appeal for greater equality and wealth distribution in an age of growing alienation and distressing employment opportunities in a seemingly unstoppable and callous global market.

The album closes with the thumping race, pace and power of Bruce Sprinsteen‘s song, ‚The Factory‘, a track that fits perfectly with the urgent concerned themes contained here.
This is a very fine album of traditional folk-roots music where shades and echoes of sixties liberation campaigns and exploding anger jostle comfortably side by side. Woji is a guy worth catching and The Working Life has considerable merit for lovers of traditional folk-roots-based music. (KZ RECORDS: KZR006)