I have great difficulties to stick Al Basile into a drawer. He is not a pure blues musician, he is not a pure jazz musician, neither a pure roots musician. But he is a bit of everything and depending on the project the one or the other feature appears especially in the foreground.<br />     &nbsp;

 Al Basile plays Cornet, sings and writes songs. These songs are not the loud ones. Listening to them enjoys oneself. I feel good when I hear his music.

 Born in Haverhill MA Al played in one of the most outstanding bands of the last fifty years since 1973 („Roomful of Blues“). The band, founded by Duke Robillard, has asserted itself over the decades as a fermentation tank for great blues musicians. Since 1990 Al Basile is a member of the Duke Robillard Band.

Al Basile is a great and sought-after songwriter. So far, nine albums he released under his name. They were produced by Duke Robillard and are extremely successful.
The secret of his success probably lies in the combination of intelligent lyrics and high musical quality.

Having so much success, Al Basile could afford to implement a project that is very dear to him. He says that his first great love has been the Swing Music. With „Swing n ‚Strings“ Al Basile has fulfilled his dream and he gave us a beautiful gift. Together with the musicians Fred Bates, Marty Ballou, Bob Zuck and Rich Lataille a pure Swing album was created. Al‘s cornet and his warm, calm voice define the sound without having to push to the fore. The best wife of all said to me that Al‘s voice could always keep up with Sinatras voice.

I have decided not to have a favorite piece. The album works as a whole. I feel relaxed and comfortable when I listen to it and I am very sure that I am not alone with this.<br />     Those looking for exciting swing music at the highest level, have to buy „Swing n’ ‚Strings“. The album is also an ideal option as a Christmas gift! (Sweetspot Records SST 9702)